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Our goal with ELGbtq+ is to create a safe, welcoming environment for all lgbtqia+ folx and allies in the Elgin area to come together, celebrate and learn from each other, and create unity within the community.

Our mission is to create family-friendly, accessible events everyone can attend, while prioritizing queer voices in and around the Elgin, IL area.

We are very excited to be working on bringing the first LGBTQ+ Pride Parade and Festival to Elgin, Illinois!  Many surrounding suburbs have been doing Pride festivals for the last few years with great success and thousands in attendance.  Unfortunately, festival plans were started in 2019 and have had to be repeatedly postponed due to COVID-19, but we plan on coming back stronger than ever in 2023, and we hope you'll join us for a fantastic community celebration!

Photo by David Tepper
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